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Simply better leasing with the Master Lease Agreement

Benefit from GRENKE’s comprehensive all-round package: full flexibility + planning security + preferential terms = the GRENKE Master Lease Agreement. The process is just as simple as the calculation above. Try it out for yourself. Click here!


GRENKE’s Master Lease Agreement.

Our customers gain all the benefits of conventional leasing models and more. For example, we offer financing options designed specifically for SMEs – one such being the GRENKE Master Lease Agreement. This arrangement enables you to acquire IT equipment on attractive terms, while increasing your flexibility with regard to planning and budgeting.

Working with your GRENKE account manager, you begin by defining an annual budget. If your total IT expenditure exceeds EUR 25 000, we will grant you preferential terms for each and every individual contract concluded. This means you can lease a wide variety of products on a case-by-case basis during the agreed twelve months. Any purchase worth more than EUR 500 can be included – with all the benefits that entails. You decide at what point and how much to spend during the contract term in line with your IT and business needs.


The agreement allows you to finance capital goods such as office, copying or telecommunications technology, medical or security equipment and more. You define the term and contract provisions for each item leased – always on the preferential terms of the Master Lease Agreement.


An overview of the benefits:

  • Lower costs. Thanks to attractive terms based on your total line of credit enabling items to be acquired according to your requirements.
  • Maximum flexibility. Thanks to contracts tailored to your specific needs and to the equipment in question.
  • Personal advice and assistance. Thanks to personal, on-site advice from your GRENKE account manager.
  • Simple, efficient processes. Thanks to a one-off credit check, simplified individual contracts and a clearly defined authorisation process based on named signatories.